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We advise you to do the following when requesting covers;

Please make sure your email address is viewable in your Profile so others can access it. This can be done by clicking on Options along the top of the forum, and then clicking on Change Profile / Password. In here there is a field asking for your email address (public). Make sure this is filled in with your email address, and then confirm your password and then press Save. You can also you leave your email address in the request post (not advised).

Please use a reliable mail provider, ideally one that will accept incoming emails with large attachments. When covers are emailed to you, depending on the quality of them, the incoming email can be as large as 8 or 9MB.

When making a request, please make sure the title of the cover you are looking for is in the title of the thread (e.g - Top Gun). Do not place things like 'look inside' or 'help me please' as the title. Threads like these will be deleted.

Do not request hordes of covers in one request. One is more than enough in one thread. Again, post's will be edited/deleted/closed if this rule is ignored.

Always check if a thread for the cover you are looking for exists before making a new one. This can be done by using the search bar at the top of the forum, or within sub-forums. Threads being made when one already exists for that title will end up being deleted.

Appreciate others efforts at helping you out with a cover, or with information. You can do this by simply replying to the thread with a Thanks, or underneath each persons post there is a Thank You button. This can be clicked to show you appreciate their help.

This is a request forum. Post your request and people will try and help. Please do not use the forum to post threads about what covers you have. If you have covers, share them with people requesting. Posts or Threads appearing with members telling people what covers they have will be deleted.

Please do not post links to other cover sites. Also please do not reply to any private messages inviting you to other cover sites.

Any rules broken will result in a warning. If not following the rules continues, members could be banned.

Last but by no means least .... Please continue to share and have fun. This is what this forum is all about

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