How to Request a Cover

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How to request a cover on the forum.....

If you are new to the website, or new to request cover websites in general, below is a step by step quide of how to ask for a cover.........

1) First of all, when on the main forum homepage, you need to find the correct area to ask for your cover. On the forum there are sections for DVD's, CD's and Games.
For this example, lets say you wanted the DVD cover for the 2015 film 'Minions'.
First of all, find the section to ask for this in, which would be 'DVD Movies'. Click on the title - 'Request DVD Movies'

2) Once you have clicked on 'Request DVD Movie Covers' you will be in the correct section, and you will see a list of films on your screen, in which members have recently ask for covers.
You will need to find the topic / thread for the cover you are looking for - 'Minions'. You can do this in a few ways;
a) Sometimes you are lucky and on the first page the 'Minions' topic / thread will already be there
b) You can go from page to page by clicking on the page numbers which are located in the top right, or the bottom right of the section
c) You can type 'Minions' into the Search bar (which is located in the top right of the forum)
** PLEASE NOTE - If you cannot find a topic / thread for the cover you want, then and only then may you create a new topic / thread for it. If one already exists and you still create a new topic / thread, your new one will be deleted by a Moderator **
For this example the film 'Minions' thread is already on the first page. You will need to click on the wording of the film, or on the last numbered page (as shown below)

3) Once in the 'Minions' topic, you will need to post a reply into the topic asking for the cover.
You can do this by clicking on POST REPLY button which is located in the top left or bottom left on the page....

4) Now a screen appears in which you can type in.
You can now ask for your cover by typing your request. Once you have finished typing in the box, to post the request you need to click on the SUBMIT button.
** PLEASE NOTE - when requesting a cover or label, please specify whether you would like a copy of the R1, R2 or Custom covers. If you have no preference please state this. If you just ask for covers, whatever covers are available at the time will be sent **

5) Your request has now been posted
Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for the cover(s) to be sent to you via email (subject to one of our helpful members having the cover).
As you have just posted your request, this will BUMP the topic / thread to the very top of the first page, therefore making it visible for other members to see your request.

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How to Send Somebody a Cover
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