How to Send Somebody a Cover

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How to Send Somebody a Cover.....

Wanting to help out on the forum? Have you noticed requests for covers that you have? Why not send them on by following the below.....

1) For this example, lets say somebody is looking for the cover for the 2015 film - 'Jurassic World'. This person has requested the cover and nobody has sent it to them. You have the cover and want to share it.
Go into the topic for 'Jurassic World'. Rocky has asked for the cover. To send him / her the cover you need their email address. You can get this by clicking on their forum username, or on their avatar which will re-direct you to that persons profile (3 possible selections, as shown below).

2) You are now on that users Profile page. You will see on the left hand side of the Profile is that users email address, which you need to send the cover to them.

3) Highlight the email address, right click on it and select 'Copy'

4) You will now need to open up your email provider and Compose a new email. In the email address bar - right click and select 'Paste'. This will copy the email address of the user across.
Now all you need to do is attach the DVD cover for 'Jurassic World' wherever that may be on your PC or external Hard Drive.
This can differ from one email provider to the other, but there will either be an 'Attachments' button, or a small paperclip (shown below). By clicking on this it will Browse your PC and you need to find that cover to attach to the email.
Then simply send the email. Once the email has gone, reply to the 'Jurassic World' topic to inform that person you have sent the cover to their email.

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