What are the DVD Regions?

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What Are The DVD Regions?

On this forum in the DVD request section, we ask that you mention which Region of covers you would like. However, not everybody knows which Region they need for the part of the world they live in.
Below explains a little bit more. Don't forget you can also ask for Customs. Customs are usually better quality as they will not be scanned, and are made by somebody on the computer.
When a DVD is not yet out to buy, if you need covers then you will only be able to ask for Customs.
Alternitively, if Region does not bother you, again just ask for Customs.


DVDs are encoded with a regional code (also known as a 'country code' or 'zone lock'). This is so that they can only be played in a particular part of the world. This annoying restriction has been put in place by the DVD manufacturers so that they can control the release of discs in different countries (because, for example, a movie might be released on DVD in America but still be in cinemas in Europe). The implication of all this is that you may not be able to play DVDs imported from the UK if you live outside the UK.

When buying a DVD you should therefore ensure you are buying a disc with the correct region code. The map and key below will show you which region you should be buying...

Region 1 US, Canada
Region 2 Europe, Middle East, Japan
Region 3 Southeast Asia
Region 4 Australia/New Zealand and South America
Region 5 Russia and Eastern Europe
Region 6 China

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