PLEASE READ FIRST !! Double requests

#1 by Music Forever , Sat Dec 05, 2015 12:24 pm

From now on if people starts new topics for requesting covers where there is already a topic started for, their topic will be deleted and they wont get the covers at all.

I still will send them a pm to tell them their request was deleted and why.

So everybody please take the time on a forum to read true the rules before posting cause if you cant be bothered by reading the rules on a site then we cant be bothered to help you.

The rules are stated in a topic on top of each page in any section on the forum, so i suggest you read true them carefully first and then make another attempt to request the covers you wanted.

We all have work enough to try and help everybody as much as we can in our free time by sending or searching for the covers they want/need that we dont want to keep staying spending our time to merge post in already existing threats for people that have lack on taking 5 mins to read the requesting rules.

We are all here in our own free time to help and not to become slaves from a few members that only comes to grab and gone again.

I hope you can understand this and hopefully you all will participate in a better way in the future.

Music Forever (audio moderator)

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