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Evnin all ,I was wondering what software anyone used to produce High Definition Photos like jerryd make and send to the members on a regular basis . I tried to make my own Blu-ray covers for Every which way but loose , but the Blu-ray cover picture I printed seemed very poor ( I used the Microsoft snipping tool to take the photos ) , There's also Casino Royal with Peter Sellers . Forbidden Planet , Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines . There are a few I burned and watched as Blu-ray films , I was hoping to do my own covers it don't matter if they are perfect like you get on here . They don't even have the warning signs you get on here , I usually just put the maker's Icon such as Columbia , Warner Bros , Woodfall films I used for Kes .The software I used to burn the films are Nero Platinum 2018 , and RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker for the covers , I have only done 2 Kes and Every which way but loose . There's about 30 Blu-rays I'v watched but till I get some hints on how to make better quality covers I'm snookered . Thanks for any help I may receive . Nettlewarbler .

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