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How to choose your own Avatar

 by Rocky , Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:41 pm

To personalise your own profile, and make the site look a bit more colourful, you may want have your own Avatar, which is the small picture displayed above your forum username on every post you make in the forum.
For an Avatar, you could have your own personal picture of yourself, your family, pet etc..... Or you may want a picture from the internet such as your favourite sports teams badge, or character from your favourite TV show.

***PLEASE NOTE - For Avatars to work on this forum, they must be 100x100 pixels or less in size, and also 20kb or less in size. If you are searching for an Avatar from the internet, when searching on Google it might be easier for you to search for '100x100 Avatar' and this should display lots of Avatars and 9 out of 10 should work on the forum. If you are selecting your own picture from your computer, you may need to somehow reduce the size of the picture to 100x100 so that it works***

There are many ways to display an Avatar on the forum. Below is just a couple of examples to get you started.......

1) The Avatar is displayed above your forum username on the right hand side of the forum, and can be seen when you make posts.
If you would like to set your own Avatar, you need to go to 'Options' which is along the top of the forum

2) Once you have clicked on 'Options' you are given to choices on the screen. You need to click on 'Change profile/password'

3) When you have clicked on 'Change profile/password' you will be given a screen which has all your information on such as Username, Password, Date of Birth etc.....
There is a section on the page called 'Avatar' and here you can do one of 2 options:
(i) Choose a picture from your own PC / Laptop / Tablet to use as your avatar (for this you need to click on the 'Browse' button and find a picture from your device and select that).
(ii) Choose a picture from the internet to use as your avatar (for this you will need to google 'Forum Avatars' and search for the avatar you would like).

4) If wanting to use a picture from your device, click on 'Browse' and you will presented with a pop up box. You can then search your device for a picture, looking on the Desktop or in your Pictures folders. Then select which one you want and hit Open.

5) If wanting to use an picture from the internet, go onto Google and type in 'Forum Avatar'. When the search is complete make sure you click on 'Images' so you can see them all on one page.

Pick the picture you want....... Right Click on the image and select 'Copy Image Location'

Go back onto the Universal Covers page, Right Click inside the 'Use Internet Address' box and select 'Paste'. This will copy in the location of the image you have just selected.

Dont forget to press 'Save' and hopefully your Avatar will now be on display

If you have any issues, and want an Avatar on this forum, the Staff will be willing to help out if needs be

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